Genshin Impact Starlit Sky web event guide – dates, rewards, and more

Genshin Impact Starlit Sky web event guide – dates, rewards, and more


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Genshin Impact is known for its rewards events and mini-games, featured both in the game, as well as on their web pages. These events are often very lucrative for players who choose to take part in them, rewarding them with Primogem, Mora, Wishes, various resources, and more. Sometimes they even have a chance to reward actual physical items. 

One such event is currently taking place on HoYoLab’s Genshin Impact site. This latest event is called Starlit Sky and will take place from February 5, 2023, until February 11, 2023. This is a web-only collection event, with some nifty prizes for ten lucky winners, as well as in-game goodies for all players taking part in the event and fulfilling certain criteria. One player will win an iPhone 14 Pro Max, three players will win a PlayStation 5 console, and six players will win an iPad Mini 6. Meanwhile, all players can get a prize of 40 Primogem for collecting all cards, and 20.000 Mora and 2 Mystic Enhancement Ore for setting off fireworks.

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In anticipation of Update 3.5 of Genshin Impact, you can take part in the Starlit Sky event. After visiting the page and logging in, you will be able to draw cards by pressing the Look for Fireworks Cards button. The cards you draw randomly represent various groups of characters looking at Teyvat’s night sky and setting off colorful fireworks. It sounds simple, but remember that you have to collect all card variations to earn a guaranteed Primogem reward. Fortunately, there are only 11 cards to collect, and if you have duplicates while being unlucky and missing one or more cards, there is an option to trade with other players through the Swap Card interaction.

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After collecting all cards, go to the Card Inventory on the right side of the page and click through each postcard, then click the Display Fireworks button for each of them. That will trigger the second part of the reward, granting you Mora and Mystic Enhancement Ore. Now all you have left to do is enjoy the card art and hope that you’re lucky enough to be drawn for one of the main prizes. The prize draw for those rewards will take place on February 13, 2023.

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