Where Things Stand: Is There One Thing That Is True?

Where Things Stand: Is There One Thing That Is True?


Mother Jones just reported that the new guy that the George Santos campaign listed as its new treasurer on FEC filings Wednesday is not actually his campaign’s new treasurer.

Their headline is 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 George Santos’ New Treasurer Wants You to Know He’s Not George Santos’ Treasurer.

Mother Jones called the attorney for Thomas Datwyler, a campaign finance consultant who was listed on a handful of FEC docs filed by campaign committees affiliated with George Santos as the Santos campaign’s new treasurer today, replacing Nancy Marks. Datwyler’s attorney told the publication that he never agreed to be treasurer and even told the campaign straight up that he wasn’t interested in the gig.

Read the Mother Jones piece here.

It’s just the latest peculiarity to come out of the Santos campaign related to its FEC paperwork this week. As my colleague Josh Marshall broke down here, Santos’ campaign filed a bunch of amended campaign finance documents on Tuesday (Marks was still listed as treasurer then). The Daily Beast was first to notice that the records had been amended, showing that a $500,000 and $125,000 loan to the campaign that was previously listed as a loan from Santos’ “personal funds” no longer indicated that it came from his personal funds. Where did it actually come from? Good question!

Josh digs into all this here, but Santos is once again distancing himself from the latest dizzying ordeal by playing dumb. He told CNN this afternoon that he is not involved in any of whatever his campaign is telling the FEC, okay?

“I don’t amend anything, I don’t touch any of my FEC stuff, right?”

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