‘Don’t pretend that hard work is the source of your income’

‘Don’t pretend that hard work is the source of your income’


Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has thrown a jab at politicians and Nigerians in general.

Taking to Micro-blogging platform, Twitter, Deyemi lists out what a man and woman is entitled to. However, he warned that people should not pretend like their hard work fetch them the money and lifestyle they portray which puts the younger generations in dispair.

He tweeted: “Anyone man/woman is entitled to: 1 Whatever life they choose

2 Whatever decisions they make

3 Consequences of the above if any.

“Just try not to pretend your hard work is the source of your money/lifestyle & cause confusion & despair in the lives of our hustling younger ones!

“This public service announcement is for Nigerian politicians and any one else concerned as well”.

A few days back, Deyemi Okanlawon disclosed that a highly talked about Nigerian movie that was recently released on Netflix, titled ‘The Wait’, is a story of himself and his wife.

The movie revolves around couples having with child bearing and solutions proffer to it.

Deyemi noted that whenever he sees the movie, his emotions get stirred and he gets broken.

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