The Cheapest CS:GO Knife: The Top 3

The Cheapest CS:GO Knife: The Top 3


In CS:GO, knives are consistently amongst the most expensive skins that players can acquire. Because of this, they’ve become a status symbol among players, with most trying to obtain the most expensive knife possible. However, cheaper options are available – but what is the cheapest CS:GO knife? Read on to find out.

3. Shadow Daggers

cheapest CS:GO knife

The Shadow Daggers are easily the most unique of the knives on this list, coming with their own set of animations reserved for only the rarest CS:GO skins. Despite its unique appearance, the knife is entirely cosmetic and shares the exact same performance as the default knives. CS:GO has never been pay-to-win, and it’s good that even with expensive knives this sentiment remains exactly the same.

The value of the Shadow Daggers has reduced over time, as they’ve been released a total of three times since 2015. It’s not out of the question that they get released again in the future, too. For a set of Shadow Daggers, players can expect to part with around $130. Not exactly the cheapest CS:GO knife, but that’s the price you pay for uniqueness.

2. Gut Knife

cheapest CS:GO knife

There aren’t many cheap CS:GO knives on the market, but the Gut Knife represents a great beginner’s option for those looking for their first knife skin. Originally released in the Arms Deal update, the Gut Knife is one of the original five cosmetic knives added to the game. The classics are often the best, and with the Gut Knife, you’re definitely getting a classic. It’s not flashy – most of the best CS:GO players would probably opt for something more extravagant. But there’s no doubt that it gets the job done.

Since its release in 2013, the knife has continuously dropped in price and now competes for the title of ‘cheapest knife in CS:GO’.  If you purchase a Gut Knife, expect to pay $110, although you often find Safari Mesh versions available for cheaper.

1. Navaja Knife

cheapest CS:GO knife

Admittedly, the Navaja Knife isn’t much of a looker. But if you’re looking for the cheapest CS:GO knife, then look no further. Selling for around $80, the Navaja Knife is still far beyond what many players will pay for a virtual item. Such is the rarity of even the cheapest knife in CS:GO, that players need to part with such a fee even at the lowest end of the scale. History has shown that CS:GO skins often become more expensive as time goes by, and with that in mind the Navaja Knife could prove a possible investment for CS:GO players. The knife was released in 2018, making it still relatively new compared to a lot of knives in-game. It’s not out of the question that the value of the Navaja Knife could increase over time, although not guaranteed.

In CS:GO free skins for knives are reserved for the default knives used on both CT and T sides. They’re what most players opt for in-game. But if you want to stand out amongst the crowd, these cheap CS:GO knives are all extremely viable options to help you achieve that goal.

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