Order veg straight from Thai farmers with new app

Order veg straight from Thai farmers with new app


Cut out the middlemen and support local farmers and their products with a new smartphone app designed to provide an online marketplace for small farmers and agricultural businesses.

With the MOC Agri Mart app (iOS/Android), consumers can buy fruits, vegetables, herbal products, and more. The app, created by the Ministry of Commerce, is meant to help buyers find quality products at reasonable prices while avoiding service charges. 

For example, you can buy Japanese melons for THB80 or homemade banana syrup for THB50. Or if you love greens, crispy broccoli is THB60 per 30-gram pack.

Farmers can also use the app to trade items. The app, which is available only in Thai, lists information about the products, the farms they come from, and allows consumers to leave reviews.

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